• Identify this pest
  • Diagnose the root cause
  • Provide an economic solution that works
  • Live a Mice/Rat-free life


With 50 young per year where they search for food and water in the house. Mouse breeding all year around can reproduce 10 litters about 50 young per year. They are very aggressive and show no fear of changes in their travel paths. But keep in mind these little creatures carry disease and the tolerance level is zero.

With the only option being total eradication, just leave the details and complexity with us.



The female will give birth to about 20 rats per year. With rats being weary of anything new in their territory, it takes a couple days for them to adapt to the change. As they forage between dusk and midnight they typically travel 100 to 150 feet from their nests looking for food and water needing one ounce of food daily.

This disease carrying pest will be eradicated with no questions. Rest assured, we understand the only option here is total eradication, and nothing less. We will eradicate them all…just leave the details and complexity with us.